Saturday, September 09, 2006

Freedom of Speech for LEFTYS ONLY???!!!

Yes I afraid that is becoming a possiblty. As you know the Clintons and the Democratic Party especially five Democrat Senators are making treats to ABC and the head of Disney should they not bow to their Demands. For the record those five Senators are Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Debbie Stabenow, Charles Schumer, and Byron Dorgan

Here is their letter and they insight the Telecommunations of 1935 to justify their stand.

Sadly our founders did not envision the Mass Communations boom for the 20th Century. When they put the First Amendment togeather they ment Print and verbal speach. So when radio came around, certain powers that be that were embrassing the ideals of Socialism (including FDR) they decided to give this thing called the Federal Communtions Commission more government power than it should have been lauded. Also the sold the ideal that the airwaves belong to the "people." I have always said to be careful of those who use the term "people" especially those in our government and those who are socialists.

The Fairness Doctine which the left would love to bring back goes to 1949. They claim because of the scarctiy of airwaves the media must air both sides of the aguement to key issues of the day. Today we don't have that scarctiy but that is not stopping the left from attempting to bring back to life. I agree with talk show host Jerry Doyle that the NEW Fairness Doctine will not stop with crushing Talk Radio. Fellow Bloggers like myself will also be in danger as well and make to mistake the "New Media" will be endangered. We WILL BE REPLACED by the media nomenklatura should the Dems take control. Katie Cookie Cutter, Dan Blather and all their friends will be untouched. One can hope that Doyle is right about the Dems shooting themselves in foot and convincing freedom loving Americans to go to the polls and keeping them out of power.

It is amazing how liberals think. You can have a radical lefty such as Michael Moore put out a movie that makes Bush look dumb and evil, and anyone on the right in general. Hollywood in general can express themselves in movies that are not in a prudish nature (and I am not prude either). If they could they would do a flim in which couples are enjoying the plesures of having sex (they could still happen). But make a film that shows the Clintonestas as well as the Clinton's in a negative way then you might be in trouble.

One had to wonder what the Democrats are helping them cover up. We know that the Hamburgler (Sandy Burger) took key Documents. It could very well be that Clinton's flings were just a cover up of bigger crimes that he and his cronies commited. We know that they are proping up the Clintons as another powerful family just like the Kennedys.

Rule 2: It is all Clinton's Fault...Keep saying that Darth Fargo, but the trouble is that their are things Clinton did that ushered in 9/11 and the Dems still don't get it. They just as Clinton did when he was in power thought the terrorism was a "law enforcement" problem. Its NOT!!!

Either that are you truly have an alliance with these killers since its been reported that the old Soviet Union had an alliiance with them as well. Just make sure they YOU come out on top and not them.



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