Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Readings

Mike Rosen defends the term Islamofascism , and goes after 'Intellectually lazy leftists' who like use the word Fascism to go after people they don't like. Most likley those who advocate 'limited government.'

Mike Gallagher is not only disgusted with the Speech made by Castro's Mini-Me but also feels he has also attacked him as a citzen of America.

Cliff May warns Commentators (and the rest us) the choice that Islamofacists want to give to all of us. Submit or Die.

Mona Charen has some hard questions for Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad . Now if she only got the chance to interview Ahmadinejad.

David Limbaugh goes after "maverick" Republicans and Democrats for their stance regarding American interrogation practices that give the Islamofacists that are detaned certain civil rights but at the expense of innocent lives.

Tim Chapman also has his say regarding The Gang of 14 making their comeback.

Melanie Morgan aims her guns at Bill Keller and the Gray Lady and says they are getting away with murder, enabling the Islamic jihadists and has commited Treason against the United States.

Pro-Israel Rally Virtually Ignored at UN. Tells you who the UN truly sides with and its with the Islamic Terrorists.

Charles Rangel, Andy Card and San Fran's Nancy Pelosi are denoucing Castro's Mini-Me. They just want the Securty Blanket of Power. If they stood behind Hugo Chavez their party would be finished. However Iowa Senator Tom Harkin was one of the Dems defending Mini-Me saying; "Let me put it this way, I can understand the frustration and the anger of certain people around the world because of George Bush's policies." Overall I can't believe that Card, Rangel, and Pelosi are being COMPLETLY honest about their denoucment. Their ilk always did admire Socialists and Dictatiors.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz. Who praise the Rangel's, Card's and Pelosi's of the world plus comments about White House deal regarding Detainies, Bush's Popular Ratings going up, and some answer to some current E-Mail questions.


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