Monday, September 18, 2006

The 2006-07 TV Season Starts Tonight

Let me recap my prediction on Monday

NBC's Deal or No Deal should continue to take the first hour of prime time. CBS's new commer "The Class" may feel the love of the elite critics but I say the viewers will take a pass. This will not help "How I Met Your Mother" and I think this long draw out story will finally come to an end without knowing all the detalis of how he met his wife...Besides we don't see Ted's kids anymore. One has to wonder if they are tired of his story :-). CBS however will win overall with Two and Half Men, Old Christine, and CSI: Miami. NBC will bomb with "Heroes" and might hang in their with "Studio 60." With no Monday Night Football, ABC has a lot of work to do. Wife Swap will give them numbers, but do we want another Bachalor and can Brian improve???? Don't be suprise if "7th Heaven" contiues to get the ratings that it got last season. It will be The CW's strongest link. FOX will get its target demo with Break and Vaninshed.

DoND gets a two hour season premiere tonight and will also air Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Tonight The Class and Studio 60 will have their first episodes screened. Season Premieres of Mother, Men, Old Christine, and CSI: Miami are also tonight. However "7th Heaven" will start next week since The CW wants "America's Next Top Model" to be the first to have a first run episode and that will happen on Wednesday. So far Prison Break is holding up but you can't say the same for Vanished. The later has an intresting plot, but it looks like it can't hold intrest in show.


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