Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Readings

Comments from Neal Boortz and his staff

Pope Benedict's entire speech. This is the one in which Muslims are ticked off about.

Bill Kristol says the Dems have walked into Bush's trap regarding National Security.

Jonah Goldberg looks at the hystria behind John Bolton being our Ambsassdor to the UN. Just not one of those UN can't do no wrong types.

The Dems thought they had Bush in Iraq but that has changed. Michael Barone talks about it.

Robert Novak talks about Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley stand againist those who would oppose or boog down with regulations the Big Box Retailers expecially Wal-Mart.

Mike Adams did not get the Full Professorship in the College he works for. Maybe coverting to Radical Islam will help. I don't think you should take this reading seriously but it does show how the left thinks regarding their love afair with Multi-Cultureism and how its killing us.

Mark Steyn is not impressed with the 9/11 coverage this year.

Life in Taxachusetts Jeff Jacoby looks at those who opposed a Tax Cut that the voters themselves approved of.

Thoughts on Club Gitmo and Torture from Rusty Humphries and Swiss America's Craig Smith. They agree that those in oppose doing what it takes to win the war on terror are wrong.


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