Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wednesday Readings

Several readings regarding Pope Benedict XVI and statements made regarding the Submissive Religion called Islam.

Michael Medved

Terence Jeffrey

Julia Dunn

Christopher Hitchens

Jonah Goldberg

Tony Blankely

Kathleen Parker

Brent Stevens

Maggie Gallagher

William F. Buckley

Other Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Michalle Malkin aims her guns at the Assocated Press and says they have connections to terrorists. One got apprehended in an apartment with an Al-Qaeda leader in Iraq. Something the Public should KNOW but the AP does not want you to.

Walter Williams looks at this thing called Prejudice.

Bush is truly spending more money faster and faster and John Stossel says its diffcult to tell the diference between Republicans and Democrats. One issue Stossel brings up regarding the debate wheather or not Government should be funding is Stem Cell research.

David Frum has not have kind words for Bush regarding yesterday's speech at the UN.

Want only Women to serve in office??? Ted Turner wants that in hopes they will be Peace on Earth. Maybe Socialism forever on Earth.

Tough Luck Dems: Bushies numbers are going up.


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