Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The 2006-07 TV Season Day 2

My Tuesday Predictions

This is a tought night and in spite of the positive reviews of "Friday Night Lights" it does not stand a chance with "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC, NCIS on CBS, and House on FOX. The veteran shows have not jumped the shark yet and will take out Lights. CBS's The Unit will be put to the test as the show gets its first full season (should it continue to proform well in the ratings), but this Smith show. No way. The biggest problem for both shows are the L&O spinoffs Criminal Intent, and Special Victims Unit. These spinoffs still proform well for NBC. CW has given "Veronica Mars" a third season and pairing it with Gilmore Girls which enters its 7th Season. If the Girls still do well then Mars might have a chance to be on TV beyond a 3rd season...that is if Mars can hold the Girls audience. ABC will feel sting this night except for Stars.

Lights will not start until next month, and Stars got started last week...and did very well. Tonight CBS has the season premieres of NCIS (its 4th season), The Unit (its 2nd season), and the series premiere of "Smith." NBC however has the Law & Order spinoffs (Criminal Intent, SVU respectfuly) back to back and that could make NBC for to be force to be wrekon with and could take Tuesday night...well until American Karaoke returns then FOX wins. Again you have to wait next week for the season premieres of Gillmore Girls and Mars since The CW wants to kick things off with American's Next Top Model which has its season premiere tomarrow.


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