Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Readings

Comments on Clinton's interview, Muslims don't like Car ad, and more from Neal Boortz

Chris Wallace: Clinton's anger like a 'mountain coming down'

Click here to watch Clinton lose it.

Democratic National Committee applauds Clinton's actions with Chris Wallace.

Bryon York has his thoughts regarding Clinton and the way he handled terrorism. The Record shows he is a failure but never mind that. Clinton is just a Good Democrat that worked hard for the "people."

Oil Prices Fall Below $60 a Barrel. Dems wrinning their hands. How to get the gas to up to $5??? Elect the Dems and you will, they want us to be more friendly to Europe you know.

Jack Kelly says if anyone is hiding the facts its the Dems.

Mike Adams has a Fall Reading List for you all.


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