Friday, September 22, 2006

The 2006-07 TV Season: Day 4 (that was Yesterday)

Well it looks like Grey's Anatomy will be 'cozy in the rocket' still, in spite of CBS's hit drama CSI.

Who Are You??? The Doctors on Anatomy just yawn and enjoy WHOever they are making love to at the moment...and the audience eats it up.

Anatomy won the 8/9 hour but CSI is far from D.O.A. Survivor still hangs though in spite of the season premieres of Earl and Office on NBC in the 7/8 hour which got 3rd place but remains competitve. A Grey clip show took second place in that respect hour as well. The audience has followed Grey and the bed hopping company of Doctors to Thursday night

NOW next week, ABC hopes that "Ugly Betty" can seal the night. However ABC's Six Degrees lost a lot of blood. It seems that the Anatomy audience switched over to NBC for the 13th season premiere of ER and with no "Trace" on Thursday night on CBS ER has reclaimed its birth at least for the 9/10 hour. By the way NBC has ordered ER for a 14th Season.

ABC won the night overall.

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