Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Readings

While the Dems try to censor the 9/11 movie that seems to make Clinton look bad , their favorate film maker Michael Moore has returned.

Michael Moore's new film and hopes that it will convince you that the Government must run the Health Care Business. Just like Canada (their are some that realize that its not working) and Europe (they never learn).

Castro plans a nice dinner for some leaders of the world. Meanwhile his people suffer.

Its Clinton's birthday and lets see who attends his party.

Al Gore truly has a forked tounge regarding an 2nd Attempt for the Oval Office.

Ned Lamont attack Joe for not standing by Bill Clinton when he was in trouble with a certain intern.

Clinton to ABC: Don't air the film. You want to convince me that Clinton was blameless and a great President??? I am truly convinced now that he and his wife are evil. They want something to be forever covered up.


Blogger Patriot World said...


If Clinton was a great President--THEN I'M A RED SOX FAN! (this is my sarcasm to the left of course I am a New York Yankees fan)

4:57 PM


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