Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Readings

Soon you can buy your gas at 7-Eleven once again, for they are dropping Citgo and selling their own. Citgo is owned the Government of Venezuela, presided over by Hugo Chavez aka Fidel Castro's Mini-Me.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Cal Thomas looks at the attempt of the left to defeat George Allen. The left has not a racist bone in their body right???? WRONG!!! Look no further than Robert Byrd. Do you want Byrd to be given a platform to 500+ radio stations because of the Fairness Doctrine??? That is what Darth Fargo (Ed Schultz) wants to do and he admited it.

Ann Coulter breaks down Clinton's Tryraid with Chris Wallace of the EVIL FOX News Channel. Does this now convince you that the rest of the establishment media is a PR machine for the Democratic Party??? Clinton can lie all he wants and get away with it.

Larry Elder compares statements made by Hugo Chavez with key people in the Democratic party and wonders if the later really wrote Mini-Me's speech.

Joseph Conner says that Bill Clinton pardoned terrorists that were involved in the death of his father. Intresting Read.

Victor Davis Hanson looks at the rise of the NEW Anti-Semitism and why it is not being looked down upon. One word...ISLAM!!!!

We Wait a little longer on Iran's move. Europe just thinks they can "talk" and everything will be all right. Iran needs a SPANKING!!!

White House Defends Partial Release of Secret Intel Report on Iraq. Not good enough for the media. They want it all released and they might fight hard to do so.

Falling US gas prices boost Bush poll numbers. Are we that dumb to believe that Bush controls the price of Gas??? Sadly YES!!!

House passes terrorism detainee bill backed by Bush. Don't have to tell you what the Dems think of it. They would rather give the Detainne's 'Civil Rights.' Civil Rights for those that want to kill you.


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