Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Neal Boortz's comments today as he visits DC

More and More People want the Government to take over health care. I am sure Michael Moore loves this.

Wallace-Clinton Combat Draws Big Ratings for FOX News Sunday. It even beat NBC's Meet The Press.

Bill Kristol says Clinton had three things in mind that he wanted to accomplish with the FOX Interview. Clinton is a Smart (and calculating) politician and this is a MUST READ!!!!

Debra Saunders wonders why Clinton goes on FOX News and talk about his failure to catch Obl. Oh you tried so you say and that is want counts...Good Intentions.

Thomas Sowell talks about the revelations over the past week regarding the Islamofacists. You want to give these killers civil rights???

David Limbaugh ask the question: Who makes the terrorists hate us? He also shows that Dems only care about returinng to power.

For years the Dems have played the "The Rich Getter Richer, Poor Get Poorer Card." Bruce Bartlett says the stagnation is due to the costs of "benefits" and that their are not enough in the 'working class' that the Dems keep targeting their message to.

When to comes to fighting back New Math the parents know the right equations. Phyllis Schlafly says that this took 17 years to reverse and we are paying the price for it.

The Pope was slamed not attack Muslims but for confronting EVIL as Dennis Prager explans.

Joseph Farah says let Castro's Mini-Me be himself cause the way he speaks shows his true Socialist Colors.

Les Kinsolving defends Rummy aganist the usual types that want to see him thrown to the dogs.

All Star Choir from Europe can't sing sacred music. COME ON THIS IS THE CLASSIC STUFF!!! Are some of you THAT ofended. I think that certain Non-Belivers are just as bad as the Belivers when it comes to being unsure of their faith.


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