Saturday, September 02, 2006

2006-2007 TV Season Predictions Part 3

OK I have the USA Today page with me, and now I can offer better predictions night by night.


NBC's Deal or No Deal should continue to take the first hour of prime time. CBS's new commer "The Class" may feel the love of the elite critics but I say the viewers will take a pass. This will not help "How I Met Your Mother" and I think this long draw out story will finally come to an end without knowing all the detalis of how he met his wife...Besides we don't see Ted's kids anymore. One has to wonder if they are tired of his story :-). CBS however will win overall with Two and Half Men, Old Christine, and CSI: Miami. NBC will bomb with "Heroes" and might hang in their with "Studio 60." With no Monday Night Football, ABC has a lot of work to do. Wife Swap will give them numbers, but do we want another Bachalor and can Brian improve???? Don't be suprise if "7th Heaven" contiues to get the ratings that it got last season. It will be The CW's strongest link. FOX will get its target demo with Break and Vaninshed.


This is a tought night and in spite of the positive reviews of "Friday Night Lights" it does not stand a chance with "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC, NCIS on CBS, and House on FOX. The veteran shows have not jumped the shark yet and will take out Lights. CBS's The Unit will be put to the test as the show gets its first full season (should it continue to proform well in the ratings), but this Smith show. No way. The biggest problem for both shows are the L&O spinoffs Criminal Intent, and Special Victims Unit. These spinoffs still proform well for NBC. CW has given "Veronica Mars" a third season and pairing it with Gilmore Girls which enters its 7th Season. If the Girls still do well then Mars might have a chance to be on TV beyond a 3rd season...that is if Mars can hold the Girls audience. ABC will feel sting this night except for Stars.


ABC will win with the Stars Results show, but will the audeince go for "Jericho" (I still have not gotten over the loss of Threshold) on CBS, or 30 Rock and Twenty Good Years on NBC. Bones and Justice may get the 18-34 audience but their not shoe in's. ABC and CBS will battle out this night. ABC will win with Lost and CBS will hang tough with Criminal Minds. I say ABC has a winner with "The Nine," and CSI: NY will continue to get strong numbers. CW will do fine with "America's Top Model" but they will regret keeping "One Tree Hill" over "Everwood."


ABC might just take this night, if "Ugly Betty" proves to be the new "Desperate Housewives." If that is the case, ABC has the one two punch with Betty and Grey's Anatomy. CBS should get second place, but Survivor might have its torch finally sniffed out, but if not that might not be good for NBC's Earl, Office, and the Thursday airing of DoND which NBC placed their likely to give their new scripted shows a fighting chance. CW should still atract its Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror audience with Smallville and Supernatural.


Friday's are not a good night for TV, but NBC should turn up the heat with its lineup of Jordan, Las Vegas and the orginal L&O. CBS should hang though it should keep its Numb3rs up with that respect show and Ghost Whisperer, but Close To Home's retool might hurt rather than improve that show's fortunes.


The only reason why I have something to say about this night is because of ABC's prime time College Football coverage. ABC will pull some strong numbers during the season. Not much expect for repeats on the other networks and reality crime on FOX. Oh yea don't forget "48 Hours" on CBS.


CBS is going to bounce back on this night. However ABC will take the crown with EM: Home Edition, and Desperate Housewives. CBS will do fine with "Cold Case" and will beat out ABC's Brothers and Sister with veteran show Without a Trace. "Amazing Race" might get a second place win but will not overtake EM: Home Edition. NBC should get a boost with Sunday Night Football but not enough to win season long.

My Network TV

The ideal of bringing Telenovals to English Speaking American TV is not a bad ideal, look at "Ugly Betty." But to be a copy cat those Latin American counterparts is not going to work for the short term. My Network TV has a ways to go, and need to look at other programing options.


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