Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday Readings

This first piece deals with radio ads in Colorado, but I will post this anyway because of our Mini-George Soros's and a former Dem Party Chair in this state behind this. They have truly lied about the itent of the Colorado Secretary of State Gigi Dennis and her atempt to have Individualism trump Collectivism. Mike Rosen proves once again that Liberals think the presants are stupid and fighting to help The Borg Kings/Queens if any in the later (i.e. Union Boses) to use the dues of these "useful idiots" on lefty politics.

We have to keep showing that leftys hate Individualism all the way. The above link proves it. It may be just about Colorado but something I think people in every State should be aware of.

Another thing the Dems are trying to due to stop the war on Terror. Prove Me Wrong, Tell us your plan OTHER THAN "Redeploment," Finding ObL (Yes he still needs to be stopped but I does not end with him) and linking hands with the Euro's who jealous of us cause they need to embrace the "goodness" of socialism more so than we. Here is David Limbaugh with a related piece.

Iran tell us to get lost. This and more from Neal Boortz.

A movie about the assanation of George W. Bush. Typical of the Euros

One Democrat I enjoy posting is former Mayor Ed Koch. He wonder why certian Americans refuse to believe we are at war with those who would kill us if given a chance.

The Wilsons are after bigger fish in order to discredit Bush and the War, and help their Democratic Friends. Bryon York explains.

When the "Religion of Peace" holds a gun (or Knife) to your face. This from Kathleen Parker.

Its official Hillary wants the Oval Office and she wants the status of President.

Their are Muslims that truly want to Co-Exist with us and leave the rest of us alone...and help us in defeating these Islamo Fascists. One Can Hope and I REALLY Mean It.

The UN says that taking hostages is an International Crime, yet when Hezbollah comites this crime the UN turns their heads, and should Israel take action the UN calls them aggresors. Hal Lindsey talks about this and goes after Hassan Nasrallah for calling Israel Mad. By the way has Hezbollah let the Israeli hostages go??? To my knowledge I think the answer is NO!!!

This piece by Melanie Morgan should not surprise you. Our own media is at war with America UNCLUDING publications that target Millarty Personal. The fact is that a major Newspaper publisher/TV Owner accually OWNS these Milltary publications.

Georgetown Prof. John Esposito. This guy is an apologist for the Islamo-Fascists as Joel Mowbray points out.

Jonah Goldberg tells the Anti-Bush crowd to give him a break and that they are losing creditablity for their obession of Bush Hate.


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