Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Readings

Let us begin with Hugh Hewitt. The piece is called "A Different Sort of Virus" but its not about West Nile. It is about the Virus of Islamist Jihadism, and while everyone can be affected by this it is very Deadly to Jews, and even level headed truly peaceful Muslims.

Their are five links in Hewitt's Piece. All from his own blog. I have extracted them and put them here on "The Blog according to Don." These have been random attacks that have been commited very likley by Islamo Facists
The July 4, 2002 attack on the El Al counter at Los Angeles International airport;

The October 1 University of Oklahoma suicide bombing outside of a crowded football game.

The March 4, 2006 attack on the UNC campus

The July 28, 2006 attack on Seattle's Jewish Community Center;

The August 29, 2006 attacks on pedestrians in San Francisco.

One thing about World Net Daily...You can Count on them to Report on any Islamic Jihad like this story regarding guy who ran over 14 people in San Fran. No Media Black Out their. Looks like he did not get enough love from his new bride, and I do mean "Making Love."

Islamic Jihadism, it needs to be wiped out and killed before IT KILLS US!!!! Don't Talk to Them, Don't Reason with Them, Don't try to UNDERSTAND them, KILL THEM!!! KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL , KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL!!!!

OK I did that so you will finally get it into your head that these Islamo Facists mean business.

Iran may have Nukes soon, and yet we still want to Talk, Reason, and Understand with their Governemnt. This and more today from Neal Boortz

Certain Dems that might be just stiting on the Commities. Just Click Here. Be afraid, BE VERY AFRAID!!! The GOP right now is not better but any better than the men mechioned in this piece.

Level head blacks running as Democrats are feeling the heat of the Far Left as Brian DeBose reports.

John Murtha is not happy with the Hildabest for not supporting his Cut and Run plan. Murtha recently did in interview with that Communist in the media Amy Goodman.

Along with Sean "Slan Head" Hannity, Newt Gingrich is warning of the comming disaster if the Dems and Nancy Pelosi take power. Pelosi will be House Speaker and third'd for the Oval Office. Want that people???? If you said Yes then your part of the problem.

Is Democracy in the Middle East the best course??? Victor Davis Hanson says Yes even if its Messy.

George Will looks at the Senate Race in Missouri and it looks like it will be a Drag Down Fight.

Ann Coulter piece regardign Bush Supporting Lincoln Chafee.

Hey Ann, think of it this way. Bush is supporting Chafee is because if he get in power and GOP stays in power. The GOP is the one in charge not the Dems in spite Chafee acting like one.

Illinois Senator Barack Obama really for the poor farmer in Africa??? Larry Elder talks about Obama's recent visit to the area and says he would rather support tariffs that keep the Poor Farmers in Africa Poor. Think about it when the Dems start on their "American Protectionism" hobby horse.

The double standard of Globalism. They hate the promotion of the Free Market in a international since, but when it comes to promoting Socialism on a Global scale as the Soviet Union once envisioned and what the United Nations would like to truly become (World Governing Body)...well that is OK.

Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens admits to blocking bill that would have created a searchable database so people could find out with a computer where that $2.5 trillion in government spending went. Hey Stevens wanted that Highway to Nowere Land :)


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