Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday Readings

The Real World Mallard Fillmore will update his Dumb In America story or Commentary for ABC News. Call it what you want but he says we need choice and competition now and got a former Union head to admit that the Government Schools are ran like a "Command" (or Planned as the Socialists like to use) Economy. MUST READ!!!

What if we did leave Iraq??? William F. Buckley ponders that question and recalls what happned when the Commies won in Vietnam.

Attack on Property rights continues as Walter Williams explains in his piece of the week.

TV: The exact opposite of reality Brent Bozell is not talking about Survivor but the leftys that run the Eventing Newscasts night after night.

Billy O puts these Hollywood types in their place. Personally they should be ignored as the stuck up elitists THEY ARE!!!

How do the Terrorists win???!!! By converting YOU to their "Peaceful" religion of Islam as Ben Shapiro explains.

Plamegate is over and guess what??? Leftys Lost. Linda Chavez explains.

Wall Street Journal also has their take on Plamegate.

Donald Lambro talks about a recent Gallup Poll which shows the GOP resurging. I do have to say that if the Dems get elected, you have to prepare for America to be turned into the NEW Soviet Union.

Fred Barnes offers three things Bush could have done regarding Katrina and how his poll number could have been kept up.

One tool that Terrorists like to use is the ambulance. YES the AMBULANCE!!!! Michelle Malkin explains.


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