Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday Readings

I shall start off with several pieces regarding the 9/11 minseries. In each piece they point out that Clinton's cronies do have something to hide and the double standard regarding free speech. If your a left you get free speech and its wrong for them to be restricted, if your a righty well that can be restricted and SHOULD BE.

Austin Bay

Brent Bozell

Maggie Gallagher

Victor Davis Hanson

Other Readings

Todays comments from Neal Boortz or at least his staff

Walter Williams has some thoughts regarding on how we view the Constitution now and how our founders and early leaders viewed it then. September 17th is Constitution Day by The Grand Wizard Robert "KKK" Byrd. Remember he is a Democrats and all Democrats are good guys. DON'T GET FOOLED!!! They will steal your freedom.

John Stossel talks about those in Government that do what they can to make sure you never know the Earmarks (aka Pork Spending) they are spending YOUR money on. THEY THINK YOUR STUPID!!! Not limited to just one party.

The left now has this obession of killing George W. Bush Michelle Malkin looks at these desperate leftys.

Does anyone take Castro's Mini-Me seriously??? This guy think the U.S. Government was behind the attacks.

First their was Air America. Now famous FeminNazis have stared up their own brand of Socialist Talk.

CBS Evening News back in 3rd and were it Belongs. The Downfall of Katie Cookie-Cutter is COMMING!!!

Tony Blair gets booed and histed. Typical Lefty actions...Act like Spoiled BRATS!!!

Its not your fault that Middle America is not buying your records Ditzie Twits. That is what your wanted right??? Now they call Bush a Dumb F&#*#. You take so hints from Willie Nelson and Mr. and Mrs. Tim McGraw. All three are Democrats but have not do things that would alieanate their audiences.


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