Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday Readings

Neal Boortz talks about the tragic plane crash and how certain people want new restrictions on Genral Advation. Boortz reminds people about the concept of freedom.

When it comes to North Korea the Dems just lie their heads off. Ann Coulter reminds us of the "Peace" deal the Clinton administration made with Kim Jong-Il in 1994. The left lives in a utopia.

Thomas Sowell continues his Frivolus Politics series focusing on how the Democrats treat Blacks who are poor. It is all about empowering the left, and the only way to stay in power is expolit people especially minorities.

Larry Elder wonders if the Democrats won with it comes to ethics and the economy. Maybe its just media bias...after all they are a unoffcial PR firm for the Democratic Party.

Liberal Ed Koch says we will hold our noses and keep the GOP in majority.

Several Republicans calling for investgation on the documents that the Hamburglar mishandled. Yea we should have not slapped him on the wrist, but he worked for Clinton and a good liberal Democrat so...

Christopher Shays fires back at the Dems who want Dennis Hastert to vanished by remind us about what Ted Kennedy many years regarding a woman by the name of Mary Jo Kopechne and the event on Chappaquiddick Island. Because Teddy is a Democrat this sin of letting Kopechne die is forgiven. He many never go to prison for this but we must never get over it and forget it. Remember Chappaquiddick!


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