Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Readings

Hugh Hewitt looks a contested race for Senate in Montana and how it will impact the Supreme Court.

Common sense would tell that to stop North Korea and disarm them is to DISTORY THEM!!! Charles Krauthammer talks about it.

Their is a man running in Minnesota’s very blue Fifth District and very likely he will win. His name is Keith Ellison and if elected which will very likley happen he will be the first open Muslim to serve in Congress. Joel Mowbray wonders how much this man will be embraced by the Dems. So do I cause this will show were the Dems truly stand.

Thomas Sowell reminds us it is important to look policies and the outcome of those policies instead of the pesonality. Remember PARTY trumps Person.

Mona Charen looks at the Bad Education polices and were they are comming out of. It is the Same elite school that cranks out so many left-leaning journalists...Columbia University.

When it comes to dissent ONLY THE LEFT can do it. Yep that is how they think. Peggy Noonan explains how bad the left wants their ideal impossed No Questions asked.

The last two piece make reference to Columbia U in New York. Here is number three as Mike Rosen talks about the protests on the campus regarding a Minuteman speaking on the respected campus. Like all other rightys, the lefty students and then some shouted them out off the grounds.

Debra Saunders interviews Condi Rice.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

David Limbaugh says that Bush is the The underestimated communicator and if the GOP allows him to speak the way he WANTS TO say it and not someone else then the Republicans could retain the Congress...Both Houses.

The Winners of the Nobel Prize.

It could have gone to Cindy Sunshine as Melanie Morgan points out in piece she wrote before the offical annoucment. Morgan also shows that the Nobel Prize is given to mostly terrorists and Socialists.


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