Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday Readings

Robert Novak's Weekly Random Thoughts Piece

Georgoe Soros is now making moves on to Israel. Bad news for that country as Caroline Glick explanines.

You pay more for Higher Learning but are your children and maybe yourself learning more???? Ed Feulner talks about it, and warns about how a lack of American Studies could hurt our future.

Air America files for Chapter 11.

Even if AAR dies, Darth Fargo and Socialist Talk Radio is here to stay. I am sure that the radio groups involved in Socialist Talk will continue to build on the achevements that Socialist Talk has made.

U.S. wasted chance to improve the world says Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. This from a guy who has and always will be a Commie. Does anyone give Ronald Reagan credit in winning the Cold War??? NO!!!! Can you see that the media loves Socialists/Commies???

Pat Boone tells a 'An immigration parable.'

Star Parker says the GOP should not be abandoned BUT needs tough love. She also warns what will happen if the Democrats are put in charge.

Henry Lamb add his two cents about a Democratic Majority.


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