Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday Readings

David Zucker who brought us 'Airplane' and 'The Naked Gun' has created an ad to help the Republicans win in Novermber. Trouble is the GOP is afraid to use it. Its kind of chezzy but does show through the use of actors playing Halfbright, Obl, and The Gargoyle who runs North Korea that EVIL must be crushed.

Today's Comments by Neal Boortz

Judge throws out case but tells the plaintiffs how to file correctly. John Stosel talks about those who blame McDonalds on making them fat. Have you ever heard of Subway, Quiznos etc???

Debra Saunders tips her hat to FOX News which celebrates 10 years of operation

Michelle Malkin also has her kind words for FOX News as Ted Turner's anti-Americanism come to light ONCE AGAIN!!!!!

When it comes to Columbia University and Free Speech, the two are in confilict. From Ayn Rand to the founder of the Minutemen these Youthful Idiots denounce everyone whom they disagree...and you wonder why the left is the way it is. Oh and Columbia is THE school in which many Mainstream Journalists are cranked out off. Ross Kaminsky talks about the thinking for the Columbia University students and professors and how intolerant they are.

Ned Lamont is truly a darling of the Modern "Peace" movement. Recently Lamont said American was stronger when we negotiate with our enemies. Rich Lowry talks about North Korea's responce to the Lamont Doctrine. Maybe (Read the disclamer at the beginning of the piece).

Think their is no difference beteween the GOP and Dems Thomas Sowell says THINK AGAIN!!!! Sowell says Republicans are dissapointing but calls the Democrats DANGEROUS!!! I Agree.

Looks like Harpers got the Mark Foley E-Mails/whatever they are a long time ago.

Disputed study claims 655,000 Iraqi deaths. But they still report it.

Jay Leno is baised aganist Dems. Well Phil Angelides unlike the current Governor of Cally you just have not appeared in as many movie as Schwarzenegger did. Can you see the Democratic Party is a Personality Cult??? If I am not mistaken Leno is a Democrat himself. Thank You.


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