Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Readings

Saddam is sentence to HANG!!!! Please get it over with as soon as possible.

Ted Haggard has been dismissed and it seems he did have sexual relations with the Mike Jones. Will that mean a win for leftys??? Don't Let Them Fool YOU like they Did With Watergate Fallout back in 1974, and Jimmy Carter back in 1976.

Milltary Times Media says that Rummy must go. Please keep in mind that Milltary Times is run be civilians who don't know better. Its publisher is Gannett who is a major player in the Old Mainline media...THANK YOU!!!

This is Good Republicans are now leading in several states.

Huge march in Venezuela for Chavez opponent. One can hope that this one can defeat him

...cause Castro's Mini-Me is threating to cut off his Oil Supply to us.

We have an ideal what Democratic plan for our Government is. Henry Lamb takes a look at a man by the name of Col. Edward Mendell House who was the campigan manager for Woodrow Wilson. MUST READ!!!


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