Saturday, November 04, 2006

Thoughts on the Upcomming Electons/GLBT Victim Group

If one thing the Homosexual Community (or GLBT) did acomplish is that it was able to make itself another "victim group." The Democrats could not be any more happier about that.

With that said I just want to say I don't have problem with people who can't fit in as hetrosexuals. However their are things that do concern me politically.

Two cases:

1. John DePetro no longer has a job with WRKO in Boston. He called Grace Ross who was running for Governor a fat lesbian. She had no chance because she was running on a third party ticket anyway so why DePetro have too shoot off his mouth??? Did Ross really provoke the guy? Who knows.

Now Entercom (who is the parent company of WRKO) is a private company and as such can make such decisions regarding who they hire and who they fire. The way this was handled just shows how the "victimzation" thinking has once again been used by leftys to take out those who do not conform to their utopian image.

Well at least Rosie O'Donald can call Christians mor e extreme than Muslims. Other than Bob Enyart and his followers (they believe in a Death Penelty for Gays/Lesbians) who is likey going to kill you and your partner Rosie???

2. This one is more important cause the Major Media is making it so, and its happening in my back yard. This is to do with the Ted Haggard/Mike Jones flap, and this goes beyond Colorado politics now. Their are two ballot questions in my State regarding Domestic Parterships and making Marriage ONLY between One Man and One Woman. I voted no on both because the DP would mean more goverment intrusveness into the affairs of private business and and No on the Marriage question beacuse I really don't believe that Gay Marriage is going to distory Traditional Marriage. Hollywood is doing a better job with that one, and not a commited same sex couple...YES Same Sex relationships break up too but I rest my case.

Getting back to my point about the scandel going beyond Colorado politics, the writing on the wall is Very Clear. The major media is been making this a very big story and knowing that the media is very supportive of the Democratic Parity they are hoping that the Social Conservatives will sit out and let the Dems supporters vote and Shazam! the Dems take back our country with Nancy P as the first Woman House Speaker and the cast of other Dems (Rangel, Conyers etc etc) that will restore America by making it a greater socialist state.

Keep your eye on the ball, this is yet another atempt by the Old Media to get the Democrats elected. They are pulling every trick out of the book to convince you to either sit out or vote Democratic.

They Democrats have trived over the years because they find people to place into certain groups and make them "victims." If your black, hispanic/latino, GLBT, disabled anything but a perfect white man...DON'T let the Democrats make you into a victim. All they want to do is suck the life blood out if you.

As one classic Yes song said:

Be yourself Give your free will a chance You've got to want to succeed.

How true that is. Much different than FDR's 'Free From Want.'

You have to "Work" at as well I might add along with the "want."


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