Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday Morning Readings

If your a Republican you have to be careful of what you say regarding the races. You never have to worry if your a Democrat (like Robert 'KKK' Byrd and Chris Dodd who defended the once Klansman) as LaShawn Barber points out while she is happy about Trent Lott becoming Minority Whip in Congress.

Hey as long as the Democrats can enslave everyone in their Socialist Utopia; that's what counts.

The guy who took a swipe at one Southren State saying New York is a better place to live Rangel is his name now is trying to bring back the draft. He says it will make certain leaders think twice about starting wars. Yes let us go the United Nations and REASON. Dream on, and meanwhile the West gets Weaker an Weaker still

Certain Republicans say he need to look back on Reagan and 1994 regarding the GOP up swingsMichael Barone adds Democrat Tip O'Neil to mix . Why Tip??? Find Out.

Well here is what San Fans think of the Milltary when they want the JROTC out of their schools as Jeff Jacoby explains. Maybe they will change their minds if someone decides to take a hit on the city...Then Again not.

Joel Mowbray has some lessions from Ohio regarding the GOP.

So why does Arnold win a second term as Govenor of Cally while the rest of the Republicans take a fall??? Doug Wilson explains and shows we can learn some things from this.

Good Going FOX Affilates; someone should stand up aganist this O.J. Simpson special. Please go away O.J.

Hotel Chain standup to CNN and their 'support' of the terrorists.


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