Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Readings

Sorry I am late but it took awhile for my blog to go Beta. Blogger really has been on those who have not made the switch and it seems that they are trying phase out the old server so I have helped them by making the move today.

A Few Comments from The Neal Boortz Staff

Goodbye Milton Friedman we limited government types will miss you.

Maggie Thatcher also misses you too.

The Minimum Wage is likely to be the first thing on the Democratic agenda. Should you lose your job...That is OK 'Help is on the way.' Remember that one people, and even if you don't that help things will be OK because the Democrats run Congress. Yes the Dems are the Good Guys and the Republicans are of the Devil. Got to love the Democratic Loving Old/Drive-By Media.

Can the Iraqis keep their Republic??? Charles Krauthammer believes that might not happen.

Maybe Johnny McCain got the message why his party got Minority Status. Let us hope that he and other return to the ideals of Goldwater, Reagan, and Gingrich.

WIth John Bolton being replaced with someone that will bow to the UN's Global Agenda. Oliver North says it will be business as usual in DC and with the Democratic Party.

Amir Taheri says the Islamic terrorists are happy with the change in out government.

Rummy is gone and the Generals fearful of asking for more troops. Thoughts on this by David Limbaugh.

It looks like the Democratic Agenda is comming under fire allready. Donald Lambro talks about Democratic Agenda regarding Iraq, the Minimum Wage, and repealing Tax Rate Cuts which would raise them. We WARNED YOU!!!! Now you better fight these Rich Elites who want to keep you down and stupid while they try to buy your vote.

What if the Indians learned to control their borders when we came to the New World? Mike Rosen compares that ideal with our current immgration problem and that we can't take in the immigrants as we used to. If we are not careful we will have to adopt the culture of Mexico or this country that might just crop up.


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