Sunday, November 19, 2006

Today's Christimas Lyric Line

OK since Wal-Mart, Macys, Kohls are going to say CHRISTMAS instead of HOLIDAY, So am I, and since certain radio stations across the country have decided to go ALL CHRISTMAS (not were I live but the one in Denver did), it is time for TBATD to spread some Christmas Cheer.

I am also putting down the Politically Correct gloves since I can't get anyone to send me some real Chanukah songs. I could buy the Barenaked Ladies Holiday record since they do have some on the record, and maybe I will. However its hard for me to find some online and it gets tiring of putting up Adam Sandler's Chanukah songs...Oh well.

Here We Go with the First One of 2006...Please keep in mind that on Monday's and Tuesday's I work early starting NOW so that might be posted later in the Evening.

So you better be good whatever you do 'Cause if you're bad, I'm warning you, You'll get nuttin' for Christmas.

Written Roy Bennett and Sid Tepper

Some radio stations doing all Christmas feel the need to play this song. Wooh to the Music Teacher who rams this down our Children year after year after year...I Personal Hate This song for it.


Blogger Patriot World said...

Don I can tell you two CCU stations, WALK 97.5 and WLTW Lite FM (soon to be the new NYC home of Delilah) have gotten on the all-Christmas bandwagon.

WEBE 108, owned by Cumulus is sprinkling in the songs with their AC music mix. If I was a PD, I would NOT GO the CCU route. I would start adding the XMAS songs beginning on "Black Friday."

Then starting XMAS Eve go all XMAS songs until midnight 12/26.

8:42 AM

Blogger Don McCullen said...

Bob I accually like the all Christmas format, and yes while Clear Channel may have put it on the map. Other companies including Entercom have started early as well. Entercom's AC station in Kansas City (KUDL), and Denver (KOSI) allready are now in Xmas mode. CBS's KVIL also jumped on the Xmas wagon

Westwood One's Adult Standards service has done All Christmas for a long time.

Also not all Clear Channel stations as jumped on as of yet. KKCW, KKLI, and KRBB and major CCU stations that will sit out a bit.

Clear Channel is selling off most of their radio stations that are below the 100 market rank.

For awhile WLTW did not do All Christmas until WPLJ did it one year, and Lite FM was not going to let PLJ get a temporary overtake over them.

Bob I would sugest think twice about the all Xmas format. The 25-54 and 35-64 Female really loves the all Christmas Format.

4:43 AM


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