Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Readings

The News Media wants you to think that the Conserative Movement is Over. Rich Tucker shows that the Dems won by acting as Conseratives and its alive and well REGARDLESS of who is in the majority.

Lawrence Kudlow says Big Goverment Conservatism must end RIGHT NOW if the GOP wants a chance to regain in the future.

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. What in the world is that??? Wayne Winegarden looks into this and says that in the long run its not a good thing. In the end it would be Corporate America dooping itself into accepting Socialists ideals and goals. Did not the Socialists says they would be using their own rope to hang themselves???

Mark Alexander and Paul Jacob have written some great pieces regarding the passing of Milton Friedman. Friedman will truly be missed.

Note: Right now at the moment I must check in early for work on Monday's and Tuesday's. I may very likley will put something up in the evening.


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