Monday, January 08, 2007

Midseason Predictions

With my family emergency I did not do this.

With the overnight results about to be posted for Sunday night, I feel its about time to get this up. Readings will return soon...I Hope!!!

Sundays: NBC will hang tough with Crossing Jordan but I don't see the Grease audition show and Trump's LA season doing well.

Mondays: This will be a night to watch to see how well three shows that are popular among the 18-34 demo. Those shows are CBS's Two and Half Men, NBC's Heroes, and FOX's 24. I expect Heroes to win but 24 should still be on the climb. If Men benefits from this battle...God Help us. I hate Charlie Sheen. Also to watch is CBS's sitcoms since their is a lot of shifting to come. They are looking to make 'Rules of Engagement' a hit...and 'The King of Queens' will get a series sendoff as well. I don't expect The Class to go beyond its first season.

Tuesdays: Here comes American Karaoke (that what I call Idol). Everyone else move aside...but CBS has done well counterprograming with NCIS. CBS will also do well with The Unit but FOX takes the night cause House is on after Karaoke.

Wednesdays: After the Super Bowl, CBS's Criminal Minds will get big ratings. ABC's Lost should continue to do well now that its been moved away from Mind's and American Karaoke results show. Can Howie and his ladies hang tough however???

Thursdays: ABC and CBS continue to duke it out. Ugly Betty will not quite detrone Survivor just yet. Grey could be on its way of being the show that beat CSI. NBC will hang tough with Earl and The Office.

Fridays: CBS wins


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