Monday, January 15, 2007

When The Government Tells the Media WHAT To Program

I have warned you about these Socialists now All Access Reports This:

Kucinich: Congress Will Consider Bringing Back Fairness Doctrine

At the "Conference for Media Reform" in MEMPHIS FRIDAY, Rep. DENNIS KUCINICH (D-OH), making a surprise appearance, said that in his new capacity as Chairman of the Domestic Policy Subcommittee of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, he would hold hearings on media ownership and the restoration of the Fairness Doctrine.

"We know the media has become the servant of a very narrow corporate agenda," KUCINICH said, adding that "the entire domestic agenda has been ignored while the focus has been on the acceleration of wealth upwards." "We are now in a position to move a progressive agenda to where it is visible," the OHIO Congressman and Presidential candidate said.

Copps: People Have Right To Programming "That Isn't So Damned Bad"

Also at the conference, FCC Commissioner MICHAEL COPPS repeated his negative opinion of the media, scolding broadcasters for taking "half a trillion dollars" (his "conservative valuation of the airwaves") and giving back "too little news, too much baloney passed off as news. Too little quality entertainment, too many people eating bugs on reality TV. Too little local and regional music, too much brain-numbing national play-lists. Too little of AMERICA, too much of WALL STREET and MADISON AVENUE. That’s what we get for half a trillion dollars. It’s one hell of a bad bargain, don’t you think?"

COPPS proposed a new "American media contract" with broadcasters offering "local stations that are actually local," "news that isn’t canned and radio playlists that aren’t for sale," and "a right to programming that isn’t so damned bad so damned often," although he did not specify who would define what programming qualifies as "quality."

Looks like it is not going to stop with talk radio, but its going to be regulation across the board. As Denver based talk show host Mike Rosen says a liberal does not care what you do as long as its legal.

So now you must have more scripted sitcoms/dramas, quotas for what kind of music to play...hey the Great White North has the Can/Con rule.

What have I said about the Democrats??? Their true colors are showing and those colors are the colors of Socialism. They think your stupid!!!

If not then they sure want Government to run your worthless lives.

Profile on Dennis Kucinich

The Progressive Caucus Profile

When the Government starts dictating what the Media can and can't do watch out it is only the beginning.


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