Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tuesday Evening Readings

A Great Time for Talk Radio, but a Bad Time for Freedom. Abortion can't be talk about on his show and now he adds yet another forbidden topic. Neal Boortz reveals what the Dems will try to do and more in his comments.

I warned you about Dems agenda and now they will sideline the GOP. Will they fight back??? They better if the they want to convince the voters that they are the party of Limmited Government. Sadly I agree with Boortz. They are afraid of the leftys at large.

TV shows restraint with limited Saddam footage. How much the Media misses this great man in their eyes.

A New Poll says that America will be attacked this year. Afterwards the Dems will try to 'reason' with those that attacked us. Don't think so??? Don't get fooled.

Meet the new Boss of the UN...Same as the Old Boss of the UN.


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