Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Who is faster: Businessmen or Bureaucrats???? Bill Murchison has the answers but is that going to stop the socialists from doing what they are doing best???

Their are some very good reasons why Hillary is riding the fence as David Limbaugh explains. She has done this for quite a long time. Don't let this woman fool you one bit.

Democrat Ed Koch wonders why certain Hollywood leftys get a kick calling Bush an Evildoer. Once again they show support for our sworn enemies.

Mickey Kaus is not impressed with the media love affair with Chuck Hagel. This is one Republican who has come out against the war.

Thomas Sowell has another piece about the Duke Case. He says that the students lives were not the only victims but the black community itself. The self-destruction in the black community is not coming to an end in the near future.

Herman Cain takes a looks at the 'diversity distraction' regarding Sen. Barack Obama.

Other good reason why the New Media is needed. Dingy Harry's land deal and the questions that surround it. The media is trying to cover this one up...Don't always have to mislead and spin. Just keep quiet about something.

And remember Democrats always care about the 'people' even if they have their own money to burn and their own security. Their is always a place for Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy on Ed Schultz's radio show. Big Eddy is still in Fargo, and gets his local back and will be able to mislead the heartland into electing the Party of the Elite claming to be the Party of the People. Hey many socialists around the world talk about how they care about the 'people?'

This is what the Democratic Party really is. Hapless Utopians.


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