Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday Readings

We are not talking about Britney Spears here and her breakdown...If she is going through hell then I am sorry but that is the way its is in Hollywood sadly.

Their are more pressing issues at hand however.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz. Must read comments about Democrats and how they try to use Direct Democracy to cheat and win.

Senator Bill Clinton...Yep he should be Senator should Hillary take the grand prize. The Cult of Personality got to Love It.

Victor Davis Hanson wonders why we should listen to Newsweek if they constantly don't name their sources.

Support the Troops...SUPPORT THE WAR!!! Period. Jeff Jacoby explains.

Robert Novak talks about anti-war Veteran John Murtha being in the limelight.

One pharmaceutical company wants to make it the law that it's product is used to vaccinate people. This is a bad omen people...ANYONE using Government to force things on people, even private companies should be a no-no. Star Parker has a MUST READ!!!

Debra Saunders asks why in the world the federal government is prosecuting Border Patrol agents who shot drug smuglers.

The United States thinks that the war aganist Islamo-Facism is not a war of Good vs. Evil??? Dinesh D Souza has thoughts about this.

Let us hear of successful ueses of Guns from Mike Adams.

How do we DeNazi ourseves Mr. Soros??? EMBRACE SOCIALISM!!! THAT IS THE PROBLEM!!! Did anyone tell this man that Nazism is National Socialism??? Yet the Dems keep taking his money. The Democratic Party is the Party of the Elites...NOT OF THE PEOPLE!!!

Any Socialist Elite is for it for THEMSELVES!!!


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