Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Madam Nancy leads the way in another defeat for America.

The Full text of the anti-war resolution.

Liberal columnist Ellen Goodman compares Global Warming denial to denying the Holocaust. Hey if that helps destroy our beloved Free Market and usher us in that great utopia called Socialism so be it. Robert Samuelson and Dennis Prager are fighting back.

If its one thing you can count on the left to do its use science to achieve their goals of more control over its people. Thomas Sowell adds his two cents to the global warming debate.

Jon Sanders would like to see musicians and artists support people such as College Students who are truly under fire because of their stands on issues. Dream On, these artists think their better than all of us.

The war in Iraq may not help Hillary

Ed Koch says an alliance with Russia would be in our best interests in fighting Islamic Terrorists.

As for the Grammy's last night...

No the Ditzy Twits were NEVER whacked by the Government...They were whacked by the Free Market.

I am sure their Grammy Wins will bring even more fans that like them for their anti-war stance (that is what they really about). This win was all about leftist politics and those who voted for them admitted it.

So the Grammy's did beat Desperate Housewives this year. Can't wait for next year.


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