Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz.

John Fund talks about libertarians shaped American Society

Al Frankenstein now wants to be a Senator...We Knew that was coming. God help us if this Socialist makes it.

STOP HER NOW!!! If you think its Britney or Christina...You are getting colder.

In Part 3 of Global Hot Air Thomas Sowell talks about the media hyping up the Global Warming Agenda.

A New Commandment: You shall not be critical of Senator Barack Obama. You better break this one people like the PM of Australia did cause he is yet another Democrat that invested in America's Defeat. Don't get fooled by Obama. Make you wonder who is more dangerous. Obama or Hillary.

Carrie Lukas wonders what is Conservative about Social Security reform.

Victor Davis Hanson warns about the growing list of Iran's offenses and how they should NOT be ignored. Yet the media still wants us to stand back and let them do as they please. Innocent Lives are in danger because of this.

Cal Thomas has his thoughts on the New Agreement with North Korea.

This Weeks piece from Ann Coulter. She too breaking the Obama Commandment.

The past 69 years and many of our leaders still appease terrorists. Cliff May wonders if we have learned anything about the mind of these guys.

Jonah Goldberg looks at the issue of Abortion and 2008 race.

Thank You John Edwards for being honest about your Anti-War stance. Now if only other Dems can follow his great example.

The Council of Foreign Relations made a statement that should put a smile on every Islamic fascist on the planet.

A Small town in Nevada has repealed an English only law and the American Communist Liberation Unit aka ACLU is well pleassed. The founder of the ACLU admits that a Communist Society is the goal of the group.


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