Friday, March 18, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

I will hold off on Terri until tomarrow.

When Jimmy Carter comes to your country to check on your elections, JUST SAY NO!!!! Joseph Farah shows you that Carter has never meet a dictator that he has disliked, and could mean trouble for Lebanon if they let him in. MUST READ!!!!

Bush claims vindication. Charles Krauthammer talks about it.

Could Single Sex Schools be making a comeback??? Rich Lowry says it would benfit women big time.

David Limbaugh talks about Summers and Harvard's no-confidence in him just because he said something that made the feminists mad.

Do you kids speak English. I hope so and so does Mona Charen kind of a fun piece this week

Brent Bozell may somewhat enjoy Hillary taking on Hollywood but he still advices extreme caution. So do I.

'Treat these detainees like dogs' by Jeff Jacoby

Devvy Kidd says that the current women surving in the congress should be kicked out. She is not trying to screw her own sex, but says that these women are in touch with their feelings rather than our Constitution. Interesting Read.

No Child Left Behind...How about No Child Left OUT!? This and more from Mike Rosen,1299,DRMN_86_3630682,00.html
Is Jon Stewart (Daily Show) and Bill Maher getting on the "Bush Bandwagon???" Tonight's token lefty thinks so and it has her worried. Oh her name is Arianna Huffington.

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