Monday, November 21, 2005

CPB Probe: Just Bring It

The radio webtrade site reports that 18 Republican lawmakers asked Ken Konz who is the Inspector General for the Corporation for Public Broadcast to look into the activities of PBS, NPR and its affilates regarding the way they spent money especially when they were trying to save their own skins...or at least try to keep getting OUR money (i.e. taxes)

I wish people would see public broadcasting and and master minds that run the operation for what they are. Gung-Ho Leftys who use "education" as an ends to justify their semi-state networks and broadcast outlets.

These guardians are very hypocritical. While certain leftys in high places demand that the American Forces Network clear Darth Fargo's (Ed Schultz) radio talk program. They block, stonewall, anymeans to have shows with a righty viewpoint on public tv and radio.

AFN, PBS, and NPR all get moneys from the Goverment but when it comes to the left they must be heard no matter what, and when they are heard do you think that the leftys would allow anything but their point of view come out? FAT CHANCE!!!!

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