Friday, November 11, 2005

For Once Pat Robertson Take A Chill Pill

Well Pat Robertson is once again in the news. This time he is warning the town of Dover, PA about rejecting the ideal of intelligent design in favor of evolution via a local school board election and how God is going to rain about the town with his judgement.

Mr. Robertson if God is going to judge Dover he will do it on his own time table and not yours. Second of all "intelligent design" is really creationism which has nothing to do with science.

Third just get get over it Mr. Robertson. Just because evolution is true does not mean we have to embrace socialism. They are two different things. Look at Neal Boortz and Mike Rosen. They can prove that those who believe in limited goverment and the like does not have to take the whole Christian Right agenda hook, line, and sinker.

Your become more and more like Oral Roberts brother and man that does not look good for ya Brother Pat.

Just watching out for ya.

Story from AP via Newsmax.Com


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