Thursday, November 10, 2005

No Need to be put into a Cast

The foot doctor I paid a vist to, says its not nesscary. So that means I still have my job still.

When will I get a job that I really like, and not a service one.

Who knows, cause the gatekeepers don't know what they are missing.

Well I better keep pressing on.

Oh and I got a few good readings

First is some random thoughts by Tim Chapman, especially on "Progressive" (Socialist) Talk Radio for the troops. Even if the troops don't want it. Too bad guys and gals, you have to be "fair" to these leftys even if they are NOT fair to you.

Goverment Schools really support the useful idiots that come to their schools and go to anti-Bush rallys. Larry Elder points out this crying shame. Don't like it parents? Get your children out and give them an education that will benfit them. I don't care if you homeschool and sent them to a private school just get them out.


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