Monday, January 02, 2006

A Man Named Bob Enyart

For those who have not heard Bob Enyart, I can tell you that this guy makes James Dobson, Jerry Fallwell, James Kennedy, and even Pat Robertson look like rational people. Well the later four are not really that rational but they work within the current polticial system.

After doing his own homework Enyart understands that foundation of this country and does not like AT ALL!!!!

He does not like the fact that our current Constitution doesn't recognize his Christian God (Jesus Christ).

He does not like the fact that our founders did NOT want an state church.

In spite of the fact that our Government was a republic to begin with, he would still would like to return us to the day when we were ruled by a King in spite of the fact that our founders did not want to be no longer ruled by a Monarchy.

Yes Bob Enyart is a man who truly takes the Holy Bible literaly and feels that it should be enacted as the law of the land through a Constitutional Monarchy. What Enyart is really after is a Religous theonomy, in which the Old Testament is enacted as law of the land.

While Enyart's utopia would not support global treaties, make America undemocratic (our founders did not believe in a democracy), prevent people from being depended on government (or at least they will not give handouts) and keep the goverment out of education, it would do away with the government that our founders envisioned, one of those would be checks and balances, in which one branch of government would not have absolute power (and that even included the Judical Branch).

Our founders envisioned a government in which its leaders would serve only for a season and not for the rest of their lives. Under a Monarchy its the opposite, and these leaders do rule their "subjects" for a lifetime.

This Monarchy that Enyart envisions will be under a patriarch rule. The Queen would serve as a consort. Yea the women bleed their hearts and prevent justice (especially Biblical Justice) for taking place...also they have used to usher in Socialism RIGHT??? So only the MEN can set things right? Oh yea men and women have different roles in life, and Eve took the fall back in the garden of Eden. Because of that Men are the leaders and the women must submit to them cause of Eve's big mistake back then...I am right and if not correct me please. Careful that the women don't manipulate you guys behind the scenes, and believe me these ladies have do so in the past. Classic Example would be the Roman Empire.

Under this Monarchy the King would have the power to do certain thing even if their "unjust." So this King could make his laws and the Monarchy could become corupt, and the courts can do nothing about it. No need to worry when the King dies he will face the judgement of God allmighty.

So why have this government if the King has a chance to abuse it? It has to do with Enyart's passion for the anti-abortion agenda and executing homosexuals...or so it seems to me. In his utopia women who choose to abort their children would face the death penalty, once again its men attempt to control a woman just because he has put his seed into them. Please don't give the "God put a life in her" speech thank you very much. The death penalty would also be for those who are caught engaging in homosexual acts. So are we going to see something like the sex police making sure that the only sex done is by married hetrosexuals? Would the death penalty be for those who make love out of wedlock? For sure if your having sex with a married woman...WATCH OUT cause you will die if convincted in Enyart's brand of government. Oh and one more thing, if your in similer position like Terri Schiavo you would be kept alive because of Enyart belief in "Thou Shall not Murder." For the record the King James Bible says "Thou Shall not Kill."

Some say that Bob Enyart is way out in right field and seen as a nutcase. I say lets make sure it stays that way, cause people like him could be able to remake this country as they see fit if given a chance to do so. Enyart is truly a dangerous man. More so than Dobson, Fallwell, Kennedy, and Robertson. Thank Goodness I did not sucome to HIS thinking cause I almost did.

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