Wednesday, April 05, 2006

'Perky Katie Cookie Cutter Koran Couric' is going to CBS Yeaaaaaaaa!!!

Who really cares, unless your The Eye, and you need someone that will put a jolt in your evening ratings. Why they put up with Dan BlabBer (unlike Dan blather is many rightys calls him, since you take out the R and substitute a it with a B & L) for so many years is beyond me.

What Uncle Wally (Cronkite, and the man that Danny Boy replaced) had was the charisma and man oh man he used that to make us lose the war in Vietnam, and put Jimmy Carter in office (he says he admires the guy, and I am not surprised). Birds of a Feather Flock Together. Uncle Wally advocates for World Government (read: Global Socialism under the United Nations aka UN), and Carter never saw a socialist that he hated. You can say the same thing for Dan Rather.

Even since Danny Boy Rather left the anchor chair of the CBS Evening News that respected program saw its ratings go up in spite of still being in third place. One has to wonder how the newscast would do if Bob Schieffer was allowed to take Uncle Wally's place. Any way that jerk is also happy that Katie is going to take his place...can you say Retirement?

Granted I don't expect the CBS Evening News to return the numbers during the years they had Uncle Wally in the anchor's chair, but man I think the rival networks are sweating just a bit including so to be Cookie Cutter's so to be former employer NBC.

Well Matt Drudge you can pat yourself on the back once again.

Story from WNBC 4 New York City


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