Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday Readings

This piece from Debbie Schlussel was published in her own blog back in January. It shows who was behind the lawsuit regarding the NSA monitoring of phone calls. Quite revealing. This is a MUST READ cause these people are very likely aiding our enemies.

Henry Lamb asks Do you know the U.S. Constitution???

Rich Tucker sounds the call to drill and explore regarding the lack of oil in our country. You really have to take away the Socialist's power if we ever want to accompish this one. One thing for sure and I agree with Tucker. We will be in a Blackout.

One kind of TV Program always stayed in vogue and that was shows dealing with Medical Themes. Burt Prelustsky talks about that. By the way he was a writer for M*A*S*H and Diagnosis Murder. One a sitcom the other a drama, but both dealt with you know what.


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