Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Boortz refers to a piece that Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy wrote in which he goes after Dick Chenney that Lamont's victory might be an encoragment to Al-Qaeda. Read Neal Boortz first, then read my token lefty piece from Ted Kennedy.

Michael Moore and all the anti-war leftys should all be proud of this drunken bastard. Anyway one else would have the book thrown at him. He is just a good Democrat RIGHT???!!! That's What Counts. The GOP using fear??? Wait until the AQ crowd learn that the week ones get elected...THEY WILL SEE THIS AS VICTORY YOU JERKS!!!!

Michael Barone talks about Ned Lamont and the Anti-War crowd and how they don't believe their is a threat.

Let's meet Ned Lamont's friends Jack Kelly shows us who they are.

Before we MoveOn (PUN INTENDED) Star Parker says Connecticut is living in a Fantasyland. Hopfuly Joe will show them. Hey if Jeff Jeffords of Vermont can do it so can Joe.

OK More Readings

You may hate Oliver Stone but Megan Basham says you see to see his current movie "World Trade Center." This time we have no case aganist this Commie Lover.

Joe L. may right about the Iraq War but wrong about everything else. Robert Novak wonders why the Right is crying Crocdile Tears.

Leftys hate him but Richard Perle says we should NOT tolerate the preachers of jihad, and they are lirking around in the Free World.


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