Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Love the Headline that the Seattle Times give to Charles Krauthammer's piece from last week.

We can name two of the Seven Dwarfs (They had no names to begin with but Walt Disney did), but can we name two of our Justices on the Supreme Court?

60 Minutes of the National Lairs???? Katie Cookie Cutter clams that is what the people what. Not going to happen, not just because of the Non-News shows but the Local News guys who have TWO half hour newscasts in many markets.

The UN steps in and now Israel and Hezbollah are in Cese-Fire. Sad Israel will someday have to kill the brains behind Hezbollah. The UN and much of the world live in a Utopia. George Will warns that Hezbollah has been Embolded.

Did the Gay Community overplay its hand regarding the Marriage Debate??? Thomas Sowell answer that question.

Mike Adams has a Cliffhanger piece of his own Its about Colleges that Jews should Avoid. You can also E-Mail the Moonbats at this College.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz Can't Forget Him.

Brendan Miniter says the Dems Anti-War message is not doing well. Lets Hope So.


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