Thursday, August 17, 2006

Predictions for the Fall 2006-07 Season Part 1

The New Fall Season offically gets started on Septemeber 18 but thanks to FOX some shows will start next week. On FOX Monday Prison Break will begin its second season and will be followed by the series premiere of "Vanished."

Break should continue to maintain its audience and now that the Break happened it might even get a boost in the ratings. This may give Vanished a lift, but it depends on how the first episode is and if the audience will embrace it. Vanished will have to be more concerned with CBS and their strongest sitcoms of the night (Two and Half Men, Old Christine).

Eventually I want to do a night by night prediction thing which I will do. As soon as TV Guide cranks out an Fall Preview issue, it should be easier for me to do. I will likely do this in seveal parts and likely another short one next week thanks to FOX kicking off the second season of Bones and the series premiere of "Justice."

To Be Continued.


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