Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Readings

Fighting for Free Speech might kill you...Click Here to find out why.

Ann Coulter talks about last week's twarted Terrorist/Islamic Fasist Attacks.

Do you still want to sing the Praises of this Man CBS News???? No Its NOT Uncle Walter, its Dan Blather.

Victor Davis Hanson talks about the Blame America and Israel crowd and how We are the blame for all mean and nasty things in the middle east. Be sure not to hit your head when you get your paycheck for the Middle East Oil Profits.

Mel Gibson takes a lot of heat for his "Jew Hating" ways yet Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gets a pass. Larry Elder has things to say about this.

Must Read Comments from Neal Boortz

Do the Dems get just a bit Overconfident??? Jay Cost says Yes.

Lawrence Butler says other than Billy Clinton the Dems don't pick the right people for the Oval Office.

Whitney Blake takes on The Mythology of Minimum Wage. He Reminds you that it hurts those its suppose to help, and that the ones that benfit are those who have more money.

Moral equivalency/Tolerance is a concept that will distory our society. Craige McMillan explains.

World Net Daily's Joseph Farah says you should go see "World Trade Center." Ollie Store gets away and right this time indeed. Farah says don't worry about putting money into Stone's bank...WTC is a must watch Movie.


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