Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Readings

Billy O says we are not any wiser than we were on 9/11

Believe it or not Federal Workers make more money than Private Sector workers. Paul Jacob looks at this and now its hard to get such a job these days but once you have YOU have it. Now before you talk about those mean ole CEO's be sure to point the finger at those who get overpaid with our tax money...Thank You.

George Will is in Japan and has some thoughts about the history-haunted nation and its communist neighbors.

Cindy Sunshine in the News again, and she wants Karl Rove arrested.

Desperate Democrats are shaking up the Primary Calender. Once again they the votes of the Minorties in order to grab power. Need I remind you what will happen if you elect these Jokers to power.

Gorby loves the Clintons, and has harsh words for McCain

Castro's Mini-Me caught four 'U.S. Spies.'

Iran's Ahmadinejad: 'No One Will Stop Us.'

Lieberman's Tactics Anger Dems. You turned on him anyway, and you would rather see him rot away. Either you don't understand what we are fighting for or you are trulying trying to HELP THE TERRORISTS WIN!!! Careful or you may be the one submiting instead of ruling.


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