Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Readings

Hal Lindsey takes issue with those who use the Geneva Conventions to allow the ememy to attend their funerals. Yet the terrorists can bomb our funerals whenever they want. Talk about double standard.

Melanie Morgan talks about Clinton's failure being exposed in the Docudrama "The Path to 9/11" and goes after those including Colin Powell who are taking us on 'The Path to Defeat.'

Diana West has he thoughts on Bush's 9/11 Speech.

Joseph Farah calls for Israel to stand firm and NOT release the Hezbollah terrorist muderers i.e. Prisoner Exchange. He shows that those who were set free would soon kill again. More Jewish blood spilled for the release of Jewish people.

Since the Democrats made the responce to Bush's 9/11 Speech partisan and poltical,David Limbaugh encorages Bush to do the same and even shows how a 9/11 Partisan Speech would sound like.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz's Staff.

Cal Thomas had a chance to meet with Bush along with other Conservative Writers and gives insight on how President thinks. Great Read cause you may not get the insight from other sources.

Today I shall offer some quotes from Mike Rosen from his piece this week, but I will not link it since it deals more with Colorado and Denver area public policy, and the Governor's race in Colorado. I try to keep my blog at the national level as possible. Still I had to show off these important quotes.

Rep. Bill Kaufman of Loveland who absurdly claims, "The people who run the Republican Party today don't care about business. What this party is about now is God, guns, gays and abortion. They don't care about education, health care or transportation. They think cutting taxes solves all problems." Quite a mouthful.

Sure, Democrats care about business, that's why they want to overregulate it. True, there are Republicans who care about God. So what's wrong with that? I seem to remember Bill Clinton taking spiritual advice from the Rev. Jesse Jackson during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. And Democrats also care a great deal about guns, gays and abortion. They just happen to be on the other side. Both parties care about education, health care and transportation. They just have different agendas.

And, no, Republicans don't believe that cutting taxes solves all problems. But unlike liberal Democrats - and some softheaded Republicans - they don't believe raising taxes solves all problems, either. Does Kaufman prefer the Democrat platform?

I think we know that answer Mike. We also know that "Party Trumps Person" or as like to say Party Trumps Pesonality. If we get the Dem for the GovernorShip, we will be in trouble. Which reminds me...

Want to prevent Nancy Pelosi from becoming House Speaker. Mary Katharine Ham says you can by joining "Rightroots."

Bush talked about Nations rulled by Terrorists. Charles Krauthammer talks about one of those key nations...IRAN!!! He also talks about the price we will pay should we attack Iran's Reactors. Thanks Again Jimmy Carter, your love for Dictators might distory us all.

Cutting and Running from Afghanistan??? So says The Kerry.

A New 700 mile fence between Mexico and Us. Expect the left to whine and howel at this proposel.

Good news for us when it comes to Earmarks/Pork Spending

Think we are Hot and Warm now??? How about going back in time to 1936. When the Enviors speak beware, they using the issue of Global Warming to advance Communist/Socialist agendas. Did anyone tell you who dirty it is in Russia???


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