Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Readings

It went it comes to The Evil Empire of Retail aka Wal-Mart the leftys get it all wrong...Funny their are leftys that shop their too...No Foolin. George Will explains that the left just wants to MicroManage People and it is not just Wally-Mart.

In this weeks piece Ann Coulter hammers Bill Clinton and says it took the "Clinton Haters" to make him take Milltary Action and points out the chances HE HAD to get ObL but he and his Eastas were more concerned about being LOVED.

Larry Elder also has his take on the ClintonEastas and what they did not want you to see.

Thing are looking up for the GOP as Gas Prices go down. Donald Lambro has his take.

When it comes to the Democrats they just want to make Bush look bad regarding the War on Terror even when it comes to Afghanistan. Byron York explains.

Jimmy Carter wants Ned Lamont to Win meaning that he also lost confidence in Joe Lieberman. Carter has not gotten over the fact that many lost confidence in him. IRAN ANYONE???!!!

Air America stiffs Al Franken.

Air America on its last legs????

This is NOT THE END of Socialist Talk by any means. Jones Radio has Ed 'Darth Fargo' Schultz, Bill Press, and Stephanie Miller. WOR Radio has Lionel for lefty radio. Jones might just pick up a few Socialists when AAR folds and Clear Channel at least I think they do saw the eventual end of AAR and built their stations on Fargo, Miller, Press, Lionel, and local Socialist Talk Show hosts. Clear Channel might just pick a few more Socialists themselves...Hey they have Whoopi Goldberg even if her show is on different formats.

Judge-To-Saddam: 'You Were Not a Dictator'

Feminist Ex-Governor Ann Richards passes on


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