Thursday, September 28, 2006

'Ugly Betty" is On Tonight

Well everyone from Zap2it to USA Today have nothing but kind words for the Americaized Telenovel and America Ferrera who plays the title role. It began in Columbia and then spead in many places of the world include the U.S.A and on the Alphabet/Mouse Network (ABC). Right now Spanish Language Network Univison is airing the Mexican version of the show and remember that version airs five days a week and eventually will come to end sooner than the Americanized Betty...unless the ratings drop and I really think they will not.

Ugly Betty will be a hit and truly will be a great lead in to Grey's Anatomy, and ABC will be the winner of Thursday night. Yes I did say that CBS would be the winner, but I was going to say ABC at first. Should have stuck with it.

Looks like ABC has gotten themselves some shows that convince the females of the "house" to take the remote from the men and tune to something that Romance (and SEX) and give CBS a few hits but still hangs though. NBC also is able to hold its head up so far even though its in 3rd place overall on Thursday nights. Their are fans of Earl and The Office and those who don't care for Grey on ABC or CSI on CBS, NBC's Deal or No Deal will sure grab those people.

As for me I shall watch Smallville on The CW and tape NBC's Earl and Office. Should I have to make a choice between the two networks. Then its The CW and Smallville.


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