Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Final predictions

Robert Novak: Dems gain 19 House seats and 2 Senate Seats

Larry Saba: Dems take both House and Senate (Help us if they do)

Dick Morris: Dems take the House, GOP keep Senate

Moving On:

When is a 'Third Party' supporting Democrats??? When that Party understands they are best way to forward the Communist Agenda, and our Communist Party is supporting Dems. Their are people out their that are not afraid to call the Democrats communists. Also many Dems are not afraid to show their SOCIALIST Colors.

From Newsmax: Dick Morris: Allen Surging, GOP Has 'Good Week'

When a lefty does not like the agenda of one of their own. This piece from Michael Kingsley. He does however belive that America must return to the ideal of 'fairness.' Hey life is UNfair.

Mike Adams is going West...to Missouri State University. Wish you the best!!!

One thing the Democrats have that Republicans don't have...UNITY!!!! Their collectivist thinking does give them certain advantages. Thomas Sowell talks about the Dems Unity in his piece; 'The New Voter Fraud.'

David Limbaugh warns that Dems WILL pull out of Iraq and Challange America's will to preserve should they win today's Elections...MUST READ!!!

Joel Mowbray talks about the soon to be Congressmen Keith Ellison who is someone who pratices the Muslim Faith and has or had ties to not only the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) but to the Nation of Islam. The former CAIR was founded by two self-identified supporters of Islamic terrorism. I don't quite understand the left's love affair with Islam.

When it comes to the Lawyer count the Democrats have 7,000 while the Republicans have a mesley 1,000. Both parties will use these lawyers to try to tip the scales in their respected favors.


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