Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Final Thoughts Before You Vote

OK I do need to say this to those who have not yet voted.

It is very important for you to get out today and vote Republican across the board especially in the House and Senate. The Democrats will be active in voting the other way.

Granted the Republican party has not done some smart things but the progress they have made will be stopped big time should Dems get BOTH Houses in DC.

It will be back to old 'Class Envy' stick and that will be used to raise taxes on everybody and not just the rich. The reality is the Dems will raise taxes on those who 'produce' and give that to someone who DOES NOT produce in hope that they have buy votes from those people and keep them dependent on the Government Nanny State for the rest of their natual lifes.

The Dems will also do what they can to restrict freedom of speech and not just with some fairness doctine but it will likley start their. After all when Rush Limbaugh came on the scene he pointed out so many of lies and deceats the Democrats and their allies in the Old Media have gotten away over the years. The 'Chain Smoker' (Morrow) came to the defense of those who were accused of being Commies (and their were), Walter Crankenhouse helped Vietcong win (and helped his Global Goverence friends) by conving the American people that Vietnam was a lost cause but we truly did have the upper hand and the Vietcong admited that. Yet they still try to pull the same tricks by using Ted Haggard's Gay Affair, and falseflying Geroge W. Bush Air National Guard records ala Dan Blather. No wonder the Democrats want to regulate us out of the Electronic Media.

The Dems will also do what they can restrict on many other things icluding your right to bare arms. After all they don't want to be murdered should their utopia deam is reality. That would be living in their Ivory Towers looking down on the 'dumb' pesents. The Kerry's, The Kennedy's will still have their Big Houses and lots of money to burn. Make no mistake their was a rich class in the Former Soviet Union and they were will pampared.

They also want to regulate Free Enterprise and Free Market. After all they want an America that is known for its 'caring nanny state government.' Not some evil corporate that might be employing more people than the government itself.

The list goes and on: The bottom line is that the Democratic Party has become more and more Socialistic. Understand the code words these people use especially when they talk about 'The People." Socialists love to talk about the 'people' and use it collectivlly. They have NO RESPECT for the individual, cause if they did they would have to abandon their Socialists plan they currently have in store for us.


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